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Child Care


Ongoing/Completed Projects

sfk Feeding program The on-going feeding program takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am in Kware slums, Nairobi, Kenya. Where we engage 16 street Boys under the age of 13 in various activities.


Some of the activities in the program include; Counseling, Soccer training,  Basic education and teaching of the Word, Volunteers involvement, Treating wounds of the Street children, Bathing the street Children, Feeding the children with nutritious food, and Preparing towards Building a temporal Shelter on a piece of land donated to us by a well wisher.






sfk clean ups

Under Kijani program, estate clean ups is community involvement Initiative  by Smile Foundation Kenya, held three times a year with the aim of keeping our estates clean  


Program design include; collecting trash along road reserves, entertainment by an invited band, Sharing a snack after the activity and sensitizing the general public on the need to keep the environment clean


sfk tree planting

We Plant 20 trees monthly, with an aim of planting a target of more than One Million trees in Kenya. This is achieved by setting up tree nurseries in schools, and in different bases where street boys pass time, and later plant the tree seedlings in various locations.


Our Agriculture project aims to ensure people living in the streets have access to food for sale to earn income and also for personal consumption, this project was done in a pilot phase to a successful completion.





sfk event with the homeless

Events with the Homeless commenced in the year 2014 with the aim of mobilizing people living in the streets, young and old, boys and girls, and the youths, to give them an experience from the usual, by showing them love and giving them hope, by providing various forms of entertainment, preparing meals for them, engaging them in fun games and activities, exploring talents and motivational talks among other activities.

We successfuly planed and effected more than 7 events with the homeless in the year 2014; birthdays with the Homeless, Monthly events with the homeless, Cycling event with the homeless, among others.



sfk follow ups

Every month we follow up on people living in the streets involved in our programs, with the aim of mentoring them, identifying their immediate needs, encouraging them, and present to them available opportunities.


Follow ups are done monthly in various bases where people living in the streets pass time. We follow up more than 50 People living in the streets every month.




sfk mentorship

For various Children's home, Orphanages, Villages, Schools, and people living in the streets, we offer counselling, moral education, life skills, and sond doctrine, with the aim of nurturing the curent and up coming eneration


Mentorship is done each month for different set of groupings.





sfk outreach

Courtesy of Beverly Mills, Director Sweet Waters Kenya, We have outreach opportunities with various teams and missionaries from around the Globe, Who are involved in some of our activities in our programs.


Some outreach opportunities we have engaged in are, spending time with the street children in our feeding program, visiting homes, and orphanages, mentoring youths among other activities. 






sfk talent

Talents are in-born abilities any person has. People living in the streets are gifted differently. Some of them find it challenging to identify the gifts by themselves. We identify, explore and nurture talents of people living in the streets. 

These talents have in return made them more confident since they are exposed to the public during performances, and regular practices among other benefits.


sfk ladies mentor

Smile Foundation Kenya has various programs that deal with different needs, under Second Chance and Beauty For Ashes Programs, We aim at empowering Ladies living in the streets by offering basic education, teaching them different skills and morals, searching for business opportunities and contracts, in order to have avenues of helping these ladies earn income to sustain their livelihood as opposed to other mediums they use to get money such as prostitution and cheap labour.

Bead works, beautician, catering, knitting are some of the skills we teach them among others.





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