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Mission, Vision & Purpose


Positively and Wholisticaly Transforming lives of the current and upcoming generation and ending homelessness 


  • Reaching Out: Create fresh, inventive solutions to end homelessness.

  • Touching lives: Impact positive change in street children’s lives.

  • Going green: Advancement of environmental protection and improvement.  


To bring together young people with different abilities and talents, from different cultures and background with the aim of embracing the spirit of brotherhood and working together towards achieving a positive goal of transforming the society and the environment


sfk brand new ligo.pngSmile Foundation Kenya is a non-profit organization that helps street children in kenya. The organization was formed in the year 2013 by Mr. Bradley Kivairu.


2013- Helped more than 50 street boys get off the streets, sought for job opportunities, start small scale businesses, helped local police fight crime in the community and reduced drug intake among street children.

2014- Organized more than 10 events with the homeless with aims of giving them hope. More than 200+ people living in the streets were in attendance per event

2015- Pioneered a weekly feeding program street children in Nairobi, started a street children soccer team made up of 33 street connected children and meet children from slum areas for an education program each week.


  • Reduce the suffering of Street Children

  • Produce fresh, inventive solutions to end homelessness

  • Educate and provide

  • Street children welfare

  • Advocacy

  • Giving a reason to one’s life

  • Help to the distress

  • Make dreams come true

  • Fighting with survivors to survive

  • A beautiful humanity

  • Share and increase happiness


Being a charitable organization committed to our course, we uphold; 

  • Integrity

  • Visionary

  • Trustworthy

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

  • Commitment

  • Consistency


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Smile Foundation Kenya

P.O.Box: 72640-00200 NAIROBI, KENYA
Phone: +254734404397 or +254771730531